Our country is characterised by a great tradition of academics. Especially since independence, we have been successful at establishing institutions of great repute. One major aspect of our education system continues to be the rigour of assessment. The scale at which mid-term and annual exams are carried out is large, diverse and challenging. Let’s look at some figures to get a better understanding.

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We don’t really like talking too much about ourselves. You are more likely to meet and talk to us about how Practease can benefit your work. Sometimes though, it is good to know about whom you are dealing with!

Our own backgrounds are steeped deep into business. We are experienced professionals with cross functional experience in sales, distribution, customer service, product management, operations and technology marketing. We have spent years working with SMEs across a diverse segment of businesses. We have built businesses from scratch, launched products for mass consumption and managed large supply chain networks. Our vision is to impact the way of working of education institutions following the K12 pedagogy structure in the area of examinations and assessments via adoption of technology and data centric processes. Our guide and inspiration is Mrs.Umesh Prashar. She served as the Principal of a school following the CBSE curriculum for 15 long years and worked in academics for more than 30 3 decades. She helped us understand the world of a teacher and an academician .We work very closely with Mr.Rajan Lamba, an experienced academician based in Karnal. He pushed us into meeting school administrators and management to build our solution from scratch. One of our first POCs was in the school for which he continues to officiate as a Principal. Our full time mentor is Mrs.Shobha Ramani. An experienced professional with over 25 years of business background working in the education segment, her understanding of customers and business has been helping us build this business slowly and steadily.

Apart from this, there are several industry experts and retired academicians who have and continue to support and guide us on the path to build Practease.

Why Practease

If you are a graduate in any discipline and would like to work with schools and coaching institutes with an infinite scope to learn, reach out to us.

If you are running a school and are tired and exhausted of creating endless question papers and report cards year after year, give us a call.

If you are the owner of a coaching institute and dream one day of opening multiple branches and hire expert teachers across several disciplines, we are there to help you on this journey.

If you are and investor looking at making a long term impact in the education segment, here is a great opportunity for you to realise 20x returns!