Step-wise Service Offerings

We have a detailed plan that ensures quality assessment
and a hassle-free experience for schools.

Locking Dates

We start off by planning the dates of engagement. This can include dates of simple class tests, exams-on-demand, class quizzes, high-level Olympiads, mid-term examinations, annual examinations and pre-boards.

Question Sets

On the basis of the dates, a question paper set is created by a team of experts and validated by competent evaluators ensuring strict quality control.

Setting Assessment Parameters

Customizations are carried out on the basis of requests from schools. The level of difficult, duration and specificity of course completion are assigned accordingly. Sample papers are generated, seen and evaluated by schools and our team together.


Following a proprietary security and logistics mechanism, the delivery of the papers is carried out.


Two weeks before the date of assessment, our team begin coordinating with the teachers of the institution. This comprises understanding of timings, mapping of roll numbers and sharing communication details so teachers can reach out to our local team.


This involves collecting the answer sheets post the completion of the examination.


All the answer sheets are especially designed for quick data input and summary views of performance data.


All answer sheets are return within 3 weeks using a secure procedure which ensures accuracy of all documents.